Business Telephone Systems

We design and build telephone communications systems.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for your first system, or an established business looking to upgrade, expand or streamline, CloudM can help you:

  • Reduce costs and help control communications spend.
  • Increase business productivity.
  • Improve service to help you win and retain customers when they call.
  • Address your challenges and drive your business forward.

    Business managers face continual challenges to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service. CloudM has a range of communications systems to help you overcome your business challenges and gain a competitive advantage. 

    So what can a communications system do for your business? 

    You can control and reduce costs.

  • One network can carry your voice and data calls. This allows you to save money by using a single supplier, whilst simplifying billing, support and maintenance.
  • Reduce travel costs whilst empowering employees to collaborate by using audio conferencing.
  • If it’s cost certainty you need, why not consider a CloudM Inclusive Calls Package. Or if you simply want to lower call costs without compromising on quality, a new system will enable you to look at rolling out CloudM SIP Trunking.        

  • You can increase productivity.

  • Employees can work at home or anywhere. You can take your office and office extension with you wherever you go for a seamless experience
  • Mobile extension will pair office desk phones with external mobile numbers and call both the internal extension and the mobile number at the same time. This means employees can answer more calls improving productivity
  • Communications can be controlled by your PC enabling you to see instantly who is available to take calls. This allows you to ensure the customer speaks to the best person for their particular query
  • Moving or opening a new office can be a disruptive time. A new system means that there won’t be any impact on your calls being answered as you’ll be up and running from day one. And if you use CloudM SIP Trunks, you’ll be able to take your existing numbers with you, so you don’t have to worry about sorting this out.
  • You can improve customer satisfaction.

  • Customers can be given a direct dial number so they have a named contact who handles their enquiry
  • You’ll see who is available to answer calls and re-direct accordingly, resulting in reduced waiting times
  • Your customer details can be linked to your database. This allows you to greet your customer by the correct salutation and have key information available ready to promptly deal with their enquiry
  • The latest communications systems can be able to provide reports to analyse call patterns, helping you to ensure you have the right person available at the right times.


    Why should you choose a communications system from us? 

    Technical sales teams training and fully dedicated to help you.

  • Technically trained by our manufacturers in advising, implementing and helping you address your business challenges.
  • Bringing together fixed lines, mobile, broadband and data - helping you to work smarter, win and retain customers, whilst keeping a tight rein on costs.
  • Value for money.

  • By using a single supplier, admin is simpler – saving you time and money. Not only this but by consolidating your services with us you can reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • With CloudM Finance you won’t have any upfront capital expenditure and you’ll know exactly what you need to pay each month. We’ll include all costs in your payment plan, including installation.
  • Breadth of portfolio.

  • We partner with you to understand your business - this means that we only recommend IT solutions that will have an impact where you need them to have an impact.
  • We’ll go one step further. By working closely with you, we will be able to share our experience, perhaps in areas that you might not be aware of.
  • The breadth of our portfolio means that we can meet your increasingly complex needs - especially as the technology that underpins your business starts to converge more and more.
  • Support you can rely on.

  • 65% of faults are fixed without having to call anyone out and often before you notice anything is wrong
  • In the unlikely event you do need to call someone out, we have over 40 engineers who help fix 90% of faults by the end of the next working day
  • Our maintenance is available 24/7/365 days a year.
  • World class expertise.

  • We are supported by the best technology providers in the world. Because we’re not tied to a particular supplier we can recommend the right solution for your needs