Number Porting Compensation Scheme

Transferring your number away from CloudM.

Where you wish to transfer your number away from CloudM and we receive a transfer request from your new communications provider we shall take all reasonable steps to process the transfer of your number as quickly as possible. If you believe compensation should be paid because a number transfer is delayed you should contact your new provider and resolve the issue with them.

Transferring your number to CloudM.

Not all numbers can be transferred to CloudM.

Where a number can be transferred to CloudM it typically takes 20 business days to complete. The process starts with the customer completing a letter of authority (LOA) which authorises CloudM to request a number transfer from your existing provider to CloudM. The information on the LOA must be accurate and complete and match the information held by your existing service provider. If the information is not accurate or incomplete or does not match the information held by your existing service provider it is likely the transfer request will be rejected by your existing service provider. This will cause a delay and lengthen the time taken to transfer your phone number. Delays of this nature do not qualify for compensation from CloudM.

For CloudM to start a number transfer we require the customer to have plugged in their phones, to keep them connected to the CloudM network and to have made and received calls. Where the customer does not perform these actions the number transfer will be delayed and will not qualify for compensation from CloudM.

Once the transfer is agreed by your existing service provider, the existing provider will provide a transfer date which CloudM will notify to you. CloudM or your existing provider may change the transfer date for operational reasons up to the day before the notified transfer date. A change of transfer date in this circumstance does not qualify for compensation from CloudM.

If the notified transfer date has not been amended by the day before transfer is due then the transfer date is confirmed.

If the number transfer has not completed 1 business day after the confirmed transfer date then you are entitled to claim compensation from the 2nd business day after the confirmed transfer date up until the number transfer completion date. Any compensation awarded shall be in full and final settlement of any claim you may have against CloudM (now or in the future) in respect of the delay.

Compensation is calculated by multiplying your monthly subscription payment by 12, dividing by 365 and multiplying by the number of days late.

Details of how compensation may be claimed are set out in our Customer Complaints Code.